Fernbrook House 1935 - 1999

Mussey Grade Road, Fernbrook, California

The Fernbrook House is a historic dwelling that we are currently researching. We have located a date in the porch cement for 1935, but we believe that the house is much older. The current owner tells a story about a man who came to visit him with some interesting historical accounts. The house was first used, he told, for stage coaches to stop along their route from San Diego to Julian. There, weary travelers could rest, horses could be watered and fed, and new provisions could be obtained. Story tells that there is a photo somewhere of a stage coach parked in front of Fernbrook House. We are trying to locate it. Later, a wooden floor was added to the house and plans were to make it a polka dance hall and a pub. Today, the house stands empty and well preserved, a monument to the past history of Mussey Grade.

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